Urban Gardening


i haven’t had much time for quilting this past week or so, because i’ve been busy getting my raised garden boxes prepped, planted, and fed.

i started gardening last year in a very limited space along side our house, i started with 1 raised garden box, then 2, 3 and ended with 4 because that’s literally all i could fit. as you can see in the photo above, we even went vertical with our herb boxes, making use of all the space we could.

last year i learned what vegetables worked well and what did not. i quickly discovered that the zucchini and squash outgrew their space, so this season my daughter is fostering my zucchini and squash in her large garden.

it’s a definite challenge when you’re urban gardening, but it can be done if you get creative. vertical gardening is an easy way to plant more, if you search Pinterest you will come up with oodles of creative ways to garden in small spaces.


there’s honestly no better flavor than home grown herbs and veggies, not to mention the reward of serving organic foods to you’re family.

i purchase my starter veggies from a local nursery that grow their own plants on the property in their rather large green houses. i love to support local businesses, not to mention their plants are always healthy, and disease free.

here’s a peak at this seasons urban garden..


i’ve planted 5 different tomato varieties, from heirloom to sweetie’s, green onions, cilantro, sage, basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, and bell peppers. so you can see you really can get a lot into a small space.


i’m super excited about my new potting bench my husband and i put together the other evening, made with 2′ x 6′, and fence boards. it took us about an hour to build and cost about $40, but could easily be made with scrap wood for a great rustic look.

we built it to nest perfectly into the corner, i keep my gardening soil in one stainless can, my own homegrown vermicompost in the other can, and Diatomaceous Earth in the large jar below. my crushed egg shells are also stored in a jar, along with my eco fertilizer in the other jar, and all my hand tools hang along the fence for easy access.


the right side of my potting bench houses my garden hose, i attached a inverted plant hanger to hold the hose for easy access.


..and the bunnies guard the carrot and lettuce patch.


container gardening in another way to grow veggies and herbs, as well as add pops of color to your yard.


we’re in a drought this year in california, so i made sure to inspect my drip irrigation for any leaks and adjusted the time that my drip system is on.

..and lastly, my strawberry patch with another guard bunny!


happy EARTH day!

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