The Beginning of a New Adventure

i’ve been sewing since i was 12 years old, [that was a longgg time ago, just take my word for it]. my mom bought a brand new sewing machine and she attempted to sew.. [unsuccessfully].. she’s amazing at crocheting, and we all have warm cozy afghans to prove it!

so i took over the sewing machine, taking classes all throughout junior high and high school. over the years my sewing took a back seat to marriage, raising children, children’s sports, etc, etc.. and beyond the annual halloween costume and a garment here and there, i didn’t have time nor the drive to sew much.

fast forward to a month ago, i decided to dust off my sewing machine and sew a few craft projects. then on a whim I decided to try quilting. i’ve never quilted beyond sewing squares together for a pastors appreciation gift 20 years ago.

this time i was on a mission to make myself a cozy quilt for me to cuddle on the couch with. to say ‘the rest is history’ sounds so cliche, but honestly, the rest is history… i’m hooked… i love the process… the pieces… the cutting… the planning… watching it all come together to make a unique one of a kind project!

…and now my brand new Etsy Shop and website! ahhh… my quilting journey has begun and i’m addicted!

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