Sewing Machine Care + Maintenance

Sewing Machine Care and Maintenance-

one of the major causes of poor performance in your sewing machine can be summed up in one word… LINT! ..those micro dust bunnies can reek all sorts of havoc.. uneven stitches, poor tension, thread breaks, and a clunky, noisy machine.. a little sewing machine TLC goes a long way toward the longevity of your sewing machine, and your happiness!

i used to be intimidated at the thought of taking apart my machine, but don’t fret, take it slow, it’s much easier than you think. in fact take a quick photo of your bobbin casing prior to removing it, that way you’ll know exactly which way it goes back in.

lint build up happens quickly, in fact i suggest you clean out your bobbin casing, feed dog, etc. at the end of each project, especially if you’re a quilter, that way your machines ready for your next project.

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