Help Birds Build Their Nest

Bird nesting materials..

today, as i sat and blogged about how to troubleshoot your sewing machine, a bird caught my eye outside on our fence, i watched as she tried to grab a string that was attached to the gardening trellis. i felt so bad as she tried over and over to grab it and take off, poor girl..

that prompted me to create this little saucer of bird nesting materials, a few different colored yarns, because i thought it would be cute to think of a birds nest having a ‘pop’ of color, tiny strips of warm and natural batting, and a little pet bedding.

this would be a fun activity to do with your kids, be sure to cut up the nesting materials into short 2″-3″ pieces, that way birds won’t get any materials caught around their legs.

you can even, go all natural, take your kids on a ‘nature hunt’ and gather small twigs, dry grass, straw, moss and leave it for the birds to discover in your yard.

Bird nesting materials

place materials that might blow away into a small basket, or fill suet cages or mesh bags, and hang them on a branch.