Quilt. Sew. Craft. on a Budget


budgets….boooo! but in todays times a large portion of those who love to quilt, sew and craft, have a budget. after all we do need to pay our electric bills so we can see what we’re crafting and run our machines. *giggle*

in a few of my previous posts i’ve mentioned that i always try to purchase my fabrics, tools, gadgets on sale, or with a coupon. obviously that isn’t always possible, and more of a challenge to do at local quilt shops, but not impossible.

lets talk about how to save you money..

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Organized Machine Accessories

Organized Sewing Machine Accessories with Labels

i love to organize! i feel like i can’t function if i can’t find things and it drives me crazy when i can’t..! okay, call it OCD, my kids do…

i thought i’d share a quick little post about how i organize my sewing machine accessories and machine needles! they go together like bread and butter, so i store them in a simple 17 compartment plastic organizer, one compartment is larger and fits my walking foot perfect!

Organized Sewing Machine Accessories

keeping everything together makes it easy to tuck your container into your sewing tote and go off to class, a retreat or a sewing party with friends!

i label my container, so i can grab my presser foot quickly, and when you purchase a new presser foot, just add a new label! if you don’t have a label maker just use a thin sharpie and you’re all set!

happy sewing!

My Melody

Babylock Melody

introducing my sewing, my quilting, my crafting BFF…Melody! she’s an amazing partner!

i’ve owned 5 sewing machines in my lifetime and this is the most i’ve spent…the sky’s the limit when it comes to the cost of sewing machines… unfortunately my budget doesn’t reach the sky..

when looking for a sewing machine, it’s a good idea to give yourself a target price range, mine was around $1000-ish.. you’ll also want to make a list of your must have features..

my must haves included:

  • automatic thread cutter
  • speed control
  • automatic needle threader
  • drop in bobbin [i love the idea of seeing just how much thread i have left]
  • a decent amount of stitches
  • the ability to plow through layers of fabric, duck cloth, canvas, and denim
  • extension table
  • walking foot
  • free motion quilting foot
  • warranty

Melody gives me all those features and much more, she hums along happily, stitches beautifully, i couldn’t be happier… [ok let's be realistic, even when you're perfectly happy with your sewing machine, you always look at the newer, bigger, better, faster, models available.. haha]

Melody and i will be best friends forever… or until i hit the lotto [okay not really because i don't even play the lotto]..

she’s great!