Simple Easter Banner

a quick and easy happy easter banner to decorate your home!

see how…

i purchased a windham fabrics panel called ‘homeschool’ which conveniently had these cute letters printed on the fabric.

step 1.

  • i sectioned the fabric into strips, and then cut out the letters i needed. i intentionally didn’t cut each letter perfectly, i’ll leave perfectly cut and square to quilting, this is just fun and whimsical..

step 2.

  • cut canvas or duck cloth into 6″ x 6″ squares and iron a 1/2″ fold.

step 3.

  • stitch each letter to a 6″ x 6″ square, pivoting at each corner until you’ve stitched all the way around. i didn’t use an appliqué stitch or fold the fabric under, i wanted the edges to fray a bit.

step 4.

  • cut a long piece of twine, enough length for each word, with at least two feet on each end to allow for hanging your banner.
  • using a zipper foot, chain piece each word together, “happy” and then “easter”, inserting the twine as you stitch, a much quicker, efficient way to finish your banner.

you can slide your letters along the twine until you have them spaced as you’d like.

thats it! your banner is ready to hang!


  • you can string both words together, with the heart in between both words.
  • you can cut your canvas or duck cloth into triangles, rectangles, ribbon shape, etc.
  • use decorative scissors to trim the raw edges.

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