[Sewing Tutorial] Machine Sew A Button

Machine Sew A Button_

the instructions below are part of my ‘sewing with baby lock’ series, but can be performed using this universal button presser foot by distinctive, on all low shank snap-on singer*, brother, baby lock, euro-pro, janome, kenmore, white, juki, new home, simplicity, elna and more.

Sewing with the Baby Lock Melody - Kreations by Julz

Step 1.

Machine Sew A Button - Lower Feed Dog

  • lower the feed dog [you will find this lever on the back of your machine].

Step 2.

Machine Sew A Button - Speed Control

  • turn speed control to slow [far left position].

Step 3.

Machine Sew A Button - Presser Foot M

  • choose utility stitch #61
  • attach presser foot “M”

Step 4.

Machine Sew A Button - Needle Position

  • if needed, adjust the stitch width so that it’s the same distance between the holes.
  • carefully insert the button, between the metal feet and the white plastic portion of the presser foot.
  • slide clear plastic lever forward, it should be positioned between the button holes. [as shown above]
  • carefully turn the hand wheel TOWARDS you [counterclockwise] to check that the needle correctly goes into the button hole without touching any portion of the button.
  • start sewing.
  • the machine will STOP automatically when finished reinforcing the stitches. if additional strength is needed, perform the button-sewing operation twice.
  • DO NOT press the thread cutter button.
  • use scissors to cut the top thread.
  • lift presser foot, slide button and fabric out gently, and cut bobbin thread.

Step 5.

Machine Sew A Button - tie off thread

  • pull the top thread through to the wrong side of fabric and tie it off with the bobbin thread.


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