Sewing Machine Needles

Sewing Machine Needles - Choosing the right one for your project

machine needles…every quilter, crafter, seamstress needs some! …but not all sewing machine needles are created equal..

#1 rule. new project, new needle!

    • sewing machine needles are inexpensive and extremely important when it comes to a great finished project. let’s put it into perspective: i buy Klassé needles at my local sewing machine store for $4.49 for 5 needles, Klassé has an ongoing offer, buy 2, get 1 free!.. so the cost of a needle is .60 cents per project.
    • schmetz needles are another great option and can be found at local craft stores, such as joann’s and beverly’s, if you use a coupon your needle can cost you .30-.40 cents per project.
    • a dull needle can damage your fabric and/or your sewing machine!

 #2 rule. size matters!

Sewing Machine Needle Size

    • small numbers indicate a thinner needle, larger numbers indicate a thicker needle. see chart.

Sewing Machine Needle Chart

Needle Anatomy

Klasse Sewing Machine Needle Guide

more tips.

    • buy several types of needles, this way you’ll have options and the right needle for every project.
    • never pull on your fabric when the needle is in the down position, you may bend your needle and damage your machine.
    • if the needle is to large it will damage your fabric, if the needle is too small it can cause skipped, uneven, puckered stitches, and/or break and damage your machine.
    • to dispose of my used needles, i wrap a piece of painters tape or duct tape around the needle, so it doesn’t poke through the bag or a finger.

julz most used machine needles.

currently i quilt about 85% of the time, craft about 10%, and sew garments about 5%.

    • precise straight stitching. i use Klassé sharps 80/12 or 90/14 needles for patchwork piecing and most garments. the very slim, acute point allows easier fabric piercing giving a smaller stitch hole and pucker-free seams. the sharp point also produces smooth buttonholes.
    • quilting. i use a Klassé quilting 90/14 or 80/12 needle when quilting through layers of fabric, batting and seams. the slim, acute point is slightly rounded to allow easier penetration through the quilt sandwich.
    • titanium needles. titanium needles resist adhesives, they are strong, durable needles that work well for machine embroidery through adhesive stabilizers, and quilting through batting with ease.
    • heavy fabric.  i use a Klassé jeans 90/14 or 100/16 needle for crafts. they are ideally suited for denim fabrics, heavy twill, workwear, and other densely woven fabrics such as canvas and heavy linens, with a very sharp point and a stiffer shank to resist needle deflection and allow penetration of dense fabric

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