Quilt. Sew. Craft. on a Budget


budgets….boooo! but in todays times a large portion of those who love to quilt, sew and craft, have a budget. after all we do need to pay our electric bills so we can see what we’re crafting and run our machines. *giggle*

in a few of my previous posts i’ve mentioned that i always try to purchase my fabrics, tools, gadgets on sale, or with a coupon. obviously that isn’t always possible, and more of a challenge to do at local quilt shops, but not impossible.

lets talk about how to save you money..

firstly, when it comes to fabric, there’s a difference between buying cheap fabric and buying premium fabrics on sale for cheap! 

below are some cute fabrics i found today for 50% off.. oh and the cute prints in the photo above too!

  • top photo: [top] Amy Butler ‘Treasure Box’ for Rowan Fabrics, [middle] Amy Butler ‘Peacock’ for Rowan Fabrics, [bottom] Amy Butler ‘Buttercup’ for Rowan Fabrics. the regular price was $11.99 per yard, i purchased 1 yard of each fabric for $5.99 each, a great bargain for a designer fabric.


  • i adore these Robert Kaufman ‘Metro Cafe’ prints, i love my vitamix blender and these prints remind me of it. the regular price was $10.99, and i paid $5.49 per yard.


  • and the above fabric is also a Robert Kaufman print, ‘Animal Party, Too!’, the regular price was $10.99, i paid $5.49 per yard.

tips to save money.

  1. don’t be afraid to shop the 50% off clearance fabrics, especially at Beverly’s Crafts & Fabric, it’s a great way to buy designer fabrics and save money. you may not find every fabric in a specific collection, but buy the fabrics available and find coordinating fabrics from the collections online.
  2. get on mailing lists at all the fabric/craft stores, you’ll receive coupons in the mail and/or email, often times you’ll receive a coupon for not only fabric, but an additional $5 off or percentage off the total sale [i love those!..]
  3. for smartphone users, you MUST download the free Joann Fabrics app! ..and here’s why, not only will you have easy access to all their current sales, you’ll have a app coupon that they scan right at the register, and you can use multiple coupons at the same time, for example, i used a 40% one regular price item and then a 15% off my total purchase, i have saved over $80.00 in one purchase! Joann’s also has text coupons, that you receive via text message. if you don’t have a smartphone you can print coupons directly from their website.
  4. you can use some Joann Fabric coupons at Beverly’s, weekly i use my 40% off a regular price item at Beverly’s!
  5. often when you take a quilting, sewing or crafting class, lecture, trunk show, etc. at a local shop they will offer an additional discount on the day you take the class. be sure to check with your local shops.
  6. we have a local quilting shop that offers 20% off everything on your birthday! you know where i’ll be on my birthday….shopping for fabric, tools and gadgets!
  7. online savings, be sure to check all your favorite online fabric stores for current sales and discounts, get on their emailing lists, follow them on facebook, twitter and pinterest.

don’t feel like you have to buy all the fabrics in a collection all at once, buy one or two on sale, and stash them until you can gather all the fabrics you need for a project.

i think part of the fun of quilting, is finding a fabric, and taking your time to gather all the coordinating fabrics. then once your quilt is complete it will have a story to tell, you gathered this fabric here and that fabric there and it all came together as a perfect quilt!

happy savings!

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