Needle Felted Hedgehog Tutorial

i’ve seen some of the most adorable needle felted projects on pinterest, and just had to try my hand at creating a felted project of my own.

honestly i just winged it, i purchased a two pack of  Colonial Blue Grip Felting Needles, a Clover Felting Mat, and 100% wool roving.

step 1.

i used craft wire to shape a primitive oval shape.

step 2.

next, i wrapped the base color around the oval wire shape, you’ll continue wrapping until you have the size you prefer, using your felting needle to poke the wool roving, shaping as you go. watch your fingers, those needles are sharp, how do i know this, um, guess, i poked myself a few times..

tip. when you’re sectioning the wool roving, don’t use scissors, just gently pull the wool roving apart.

step 3.

once you have a general shape and size, you’ll start blending your colors.

pull a section of your next color, place it and begin needling the two colors together, it’s so simple and fun to see your project start taking shape. continue layering, adding wool roving until you have the shape and color you want.

step 4.

now its time to use your felting mat, to form the ears and any other features that you need to be flatter, if that makes sense.

pull a small piece of wool roving, lay it onto your mat and begin needling, using your fingers to help form the shape, and the needle to continue poking until you have the shape and density that you want. i left it a bit looser at the base where i’ll attach it to my hedgehog.

position the ear, and gently needle the ear onto your hedgehog, just keep needling until you have the look you want.

step 5.

next i added more cream colored wool roving to start forming his snout, or face, needling, until i had the shape i wanted.

next add, eyes and the nose by taking a bit of wool roving, and creating a tiny roundish ball, and gently needle it onto the face.


basically you’ll just needle your little hedgehog into the shape you like, if you’d prefer a rounder hedgehog, simply add more wool.

each time you needle/poke the wool roving you’ll notice the fibers get denser, around his noise and snout i wanted the wool dense, but on his back, i wanted him fluffier, so i didn’t needle his backside as densely.

this little hedgehog stands about 4″ tall and took me about an hour to create. i’m quite sure you’ll see more felting projects in the future!

these would be a cute gift for friends, family, a neighbor, or co-worker.

have fun!

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