Nature’s Basket by Blackbird Designs Moda Fabrics

…and onward to my next project!

i made a quick visit to one of my favorite quilt shops this past weekend, the Quilted Angel… and by quick, i mean my husband was waiting in the car while i decided what i wanted to purchase, which in turn means i have a limited amount of time before i get a text saying ‘times up’…lol

i went there with no plan, i just wanted something to grab me and say… buy me, buy me…except for the fact that most fabrics say, buy me.. i settled on a Nature’s Basket by Blackbird Designs jelly roll and coordinating yardage. for the next step, i’ve narrowed it down to flying dutchman or log cabin….stay tuned..

progress april 15th.

i tried a log cabin square and wasn’t happy, so i went back to the drawing board and decided on a lonestar lap quilt, and thought i’d provide a tutorial!


  • make 5 strip sets of 5- 2 1/2″ strips, A, B, C, D, E. staggering each strip 2 inches to the right, as seen below.
  • when sewing strips, i sew row 1 & 2, press.. then 3 & 4, press.. then join them, next add the last strip and press using starch, i feel like this gives me more accurate seams.

  • align each strip set on your cutting mat and using your ruler cut your strip sets at a 45° angle, cutting a total of 8.

  • label each set A, B, C, D & E

i created my own little pin flags, i’m sure this has been done before, but i actually came up with this on my own. i used my label maker and fine quilting pins. these flags designate the group set, and by pinning the flag to the top of my strip set, i also remember which way is up…


  • next, you’ll carefully sew A & B together, do not match end to end, instead match your seams, then attach B & C-E, keeping a scant 1/4″ throughout.
  • press seams.

  • next, align your newly formed diamond on the 45° mark on your cutting mat, and using your ruler, trim any dog ears or excess.

now sit back and admire your first of eight diamonds that will make your star…

to be continued..

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