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Mini Fabric Bolt - Kreations by Julz

one afternoon while googling ‘fabric storage ideas’ i stumbled upon several pins on pinterest.. where crafters/quilters, etc were using comic book archival boards to create mini fabric bolts.. BRILLIANT!!

…and just one of the many reasons i l.o.v.e. pinterest! fyi, you can find me at kreationsbyjulz and iamjulieb.. i have a wealth of pins collected!..

i purchased these ultra pro comic series boards.. 100 mini fabric bolts for $15, what a great deal, considering you can buy the same type of item specifically designed for fabric at a MUCH, MUCH higher cost..

Mini Fabric Bolt - Fabric Organization

  • take your fabric and fold it selvage to selvage [just like you purchased it off the bolt at the fabric store] and fold in half [lengthwise] one more time..
  • slip a board under your fabric and wrap your fabric around until you reach the end..
  • these nifty mini bolts will easily hold a 1/2 yard of fabric up to approximately 4 yards..
  • when wrapping a large amount of fabric 2+ yards, you may want to use 2 boards to give your mini bolt a bit more strength..

Mini Fabric Bold - Fabric Organization

  • now you have a neat and tidy mini bolt of fabric..making it easy to place your mini bolts upright on shelving, or in a cabinet without your fabric flopping over into a big heaping mess..
  • it’s simple to pull a mini bolt out and place it right back when you’re done..
  • you can even write the fabric’s information on the board, so that when you run out, you know exactly what fabric you need to re-purchase. this is extremely helpful when you’re purchasing solids..

hope you’re having a great day!

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