Makings of a Quilt Sandwich

it’s not edible.. no calories involved..  yet still exciting, because it means you’re one big step closer to a finished quilt!

if you google “basting a quilt” you will come up with oodles of ways to baste a quilt..  i’m sure there are even debates on the subject, but just like any handcrafted project… do what works for YOU!

so far, this is what works for me [but i reserve the right to change my mind in the]


  1. the front of a beautiful project
  2. the backing, i.e. a solid piece of fabric, a cotton sheet, a pieced backing, even another front for your back..
  3. batting, i love Warm & Natural and/or Warm & White and have no experience with anything else, it just works for me!
  4. 505 Spray and Fix Adhesive
  5. old sheet for overspray


i roll out my warm and white onto a sheet and size to fit my quilt front, making sure to have at least 1-2″ on all 4 sides, this allows for movement when quilting. cut your batting.

note: as you can see i lay my quilt onto a sheet bigger than my project so that it will catch most of the overspray..


this is the part where i must crawl around the floor smoothing the quilt front as i go..i begin from the bottom and work my way upwards..


next i fold my quilt front in half..


this is the perfect time to remove all those pesky dark threads that may show through lighter colored fabrics..


many quilters do this in their garage or on a wall, i really only have my great room floor that allows enough space to take on this task.. i simply open my door when spraying, but honestly i find the 505 hardly has an odor..

  • a little 505 goes a long way.. i simply spray across the batting in horizontal strokes
  • next i fold the quilt front back down and starting at the bottom center, i gently smooth out the quilt front working upwards, when i reach half way, i move to the other side and repeat..


i remove the quilt front and batting from the sheet to completely smooth out the front without all those sheet crinkles..


while i’m smoothing, i’m checking for those dark threads i referred to earlier and guess what i found a long one! what’s great about the 505 spray is, it’s repositionable.. so you can just peel back the quilt front, remove the thread and smooth your quilt front out again..


i used a solid brown cotton for my backing.

  • i position my quilt front face down onto my sheet and lay the backing fabric over the batting, making sure to leave enough fabric for shifting during the quilting process..
  • use the same steps as above to spray; fold your backing in half upwards, spray the 505 on your batting smooth and continue on the other half..


next i remove the sheet for good, place my quilt sandwich onto the floor and give it one last smooth over..


that’s it, all done!

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