DIY Natural Antibacterial Foaming Handsoap

about four years ago i decided to do away with all my toxic cleansers and look for more eco friendly, natural choices for my household and the environment.

i’ll be sharing all my natural cleansers, laundry soap, stain fighters and more in a series of blog posts, beginning with this all important one…..handwashing!

i do love bath & body works sea island cotton foaming hand soap, but i don’t love the cost, even on sale. i’ll show you how to create your own natural antibacterial foaming hand soap using just two ingredients mixed with water!

step 1. gather your supplies.

  • empty foaming hand soap container.
  • tea tree essential oil [i use tea tree essential oil in almost all my DIY cleansing products, the cost is around $6 at whole foods, a little goes a long way]

  • earth friendly clear dishwashing soap [i prefer the pear scent, but you can purchase it unscented or in several other scents. as an alternative, you can use dr. bronners castile soap]

step 2. combine ingredients.

  • fill the empty container with about 1 1/2″ of dishwashing soap.
  • slowly fill the rest of the container with hot tap water, leaving approximately two inches at the top for the foaming portion of the pump.
  • add 10 drops of tea tree oil and screw the pump onto the container.
  • gently tilt the container side to side a few times, don’t shake.

tada! that’s it, you’ve just mixed your very own natural antibacterial hand soap for just pennies!

happy handwashing! stay tuned for more eco friendly alternatives!


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