DIY Carseat Strap Covers

this is a 10 minute do-it-yourself carseat strap cover tutorial!  all you need is two 6 1/2″ squares of fabric, one 6″ square of batting, coordinating thread, and your sewing machine.

step 1.

  • cut two 6 1/2″ squares of the fabric of your choice, i chose a 100% cotton polka dot print to coordinate with the carseat cover.
  • cut one 6″ square of warm and natural batting, sub cut in half to create two 3″ x 6″ rectangles.

step 2.

  • press a 1/2″ seam down opposite sides of your fabric squares.
  • fold and press over again.

step 3.

  • position your piece of batting into the center, between the first fold, as shown.
  • fold second seam over the batting and pin in place.

step 4.

  • stitch through all layers.

step 5.

  • fold in half, matching raw edges and straight stitch through all layers.
  • optional: you can use a overlock stitch [#6 on the Baby Lock Melody] or a serger.


turn right sides out with the seam in the center of what will be the back of your strap covers, see photo below.

that’s it, two cute carseat straps, handmade by YOU!


one of the great things about these straps is that they slide on vs using velcro, so the kids can’t tear these off, they won’t come off until you take them off.

  • slide the end of the shoulder strap off the steel bracket located on the backside of the carseat, as if you we’re adjusting the straps to fit your child’s shoulders.
  • slide your new strap cover on, and slide the strap back onto the steel bracket, making sure not to twist the strap in the process, be sure the strap is seated correctly back into the steel bracket.

to clean, remove and toss into the washing machine and dryer when needed.

stay tuned for the upcoming car seat cover tutorial, to protect your vehicle’s interior seats from rubbing and wear from the carseat.

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