Scrap Attack! Cut & Organize Fabric Scraps

todays mission… to attack my scraps! i let them get out of control, and honestly didn’t want to look at them, i just kept squishing my scrap pile down, and down some more to make more room for more scraps..

today was going to be the day i sorted through all my scraps… ughh

my plan of attack, to cut my scraps into my most used sizes. so, i gathered my supplies:

  • omnigrid 6″ x 24″, 2.5″ x 18″, 2.5″ and my 5″ square rulers
  • rotary cutting mat
  • olfa splash rotary cutter
  • 3 container store clear containers
  • avery 2″ x 3″ clear labels

i’m not going to lie, this is boringgggg, i had to take a few breaks, but told myself i couldn’t work on any projects until i finished. so i plowed through it, and now i have some well organized fabric scraps!

  • top: 2.5″ strips
  • middle: 2″-7″ squares along with precuts. and some random 1″-1.5″ strips
  • bottom: 10″-12″ squares, fat quarters and 1/4 yard fabric.

all my scraps are ironed, organized and ready to go! whew.. wee.. my goal, to never let my scraps get that behind again!

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