5 Minute Reusable Shopping Bag


todays tutorial..a 5 minute reusable bag/tote using canvas napkins! amazing right..

i stopped using plastic bags a couple years ago, and our area is slowly but surely doing away with plastic shopping bags all together, so customers will have to bring their own bags, purchase a reusable bag or carry all their items out in their arms.

so, why not make your own cute bag with fabric you like and no big ugly store logo printed across the front!

see how…

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Re-Purposed Truck Tire Inner Tubes


hubby and i took a little drive to healdsburg town square today, one so i could visit the fabric shop, Fabrications, two, so i could take him inside this wonderful shop that i love.

the One World Fair Trade, where you’ll find wonderful handmade creations from artisans all around the world, so many beautiful “one of a kind” items, i always walk away wishing i could take half the store home with me.

i’m all for re-purposing items into something new, exciting and useful, so when i stumbled upon these handbags re-purposed using truck tire inner tubes, i just had to share!

so many creative people in this great big world we live in, maybe this will inspire you, maybe you will think it’s silly, i think it’s great!