Scrap Attack! Cut & Organize Fabric Scraps

todays mission… to attack my scraps! i let them get out of control, and honestly didn’t want to look at them, i just kept squishing my scrap pile down, and down some more to make more room for more scraps..

today was going to be the day i sorted through all my scraps… ughh

my plan of attack, to cut my scraps into my most used sizes. so, i gathered my supplies:

  • omnigrid 6″ x 24″, 2.5″ x 18″, 2.5″ and my 5″ square rulers
  • rotary cutting mat
  • olfa splash rotary cutter
  • 3 container store clear containers
  • avery 2″ x 3″ clear labels

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Portable Fabric Storage

Fabric Storage Idea - Kreations by Julz

since i have to ‘creatively’ store my fabric and sewing goodies in a corner in our great room, these ever so handy dandy canvas bins i found at tjmaxx [one of my weekly destinations!] are the perfect size for my mini fabric bolts.  the bins measure 17 1/2″ x 13 1/2″.. and when we entertain, they are easily tucked away in my craft closet upstairs.

there’s a total of approximately 120 yards of yummy fabrics in those two bins.. yet i can’t stop shopping for more…fabric addiction!! i bring home these fabrics and they’re just to pretty to cut, okay, i’ll eventually cut them, but i like shopping for more, more, more fabric!

Organized Thread + Bobbins

Organized Thread and Bobbins
like many of you quilters, crafters and sewaholics i don’t have a dedicated room for sewing.. for me its because i enjoy  sewing in our great room where my hubby is, we can still be hanging out, laughing, talking, and i’m not all alone upstairs in a room..

..and the other reason, i’m a nap time sewing/quilter, i get quite a bit accomplished when the little ones in our house are sleeping upstairs!

it does make it challenging to organize my fabric and other goodies, i just make it work. i have a buffet in the dining area that has two drawers dedicated to my sewing needs.

yesterday i talked about my presser feet and machine needles storage here.. today it’s all about my thread and bobbins..

i found these cute wooden storage boxes at tjmaxx a couple months ago, knowing they’d be perfect for my sewing supplies and in fact they are perfect! i just slip them into the drawer and i have instant storage that no one even knows is there [until now].. for my bobbins, i really like these dritz bobbin containers. i pre-wind plenty of bobbins in my most used colors so they’re ready on a whim, because those of us who sew and quilt often start another project before the last one is finished, so it’s nice to have those bobbins ready to go!

Organized Thread and Bobbins Drawer you can see this is where i store my presser feet, needles and accessory box too!

Organized Machine Accessories

Organized Sewing Machine Accessories with Labels

i love to organize! i feel like i can’t function if i can’t find things and it drives me crazy when i can’t..! okay, call it OCD, my kids do…

i thought i’d share a quick little post about how i organize my sewing machine accessories and machine needles! they go together like bread and butter, so i store them in a simple 17 compartment plastic organizer, one compartment is larger and fits my walking foot perfect!

Organized Sewing Machine Accessories

keeping everything together makes it easy to tuck your container into your sewing tote and go off to class, a retreat or a sewing party with friends!

i label my container, so i can grab my presser foot quickly, and when you purchase a new presser foot, just add a new label! if you don’t have a label maker just use a thin sharpie and you’re all set!

happy sewing!