Game of Thrones Inspired Quilt

i have my spring garden planted and looking great, so it’s back to some quilting. i hadn’t bought fabric in two weeks! so i made my way to the 1/2 off table at Beverly’s this past weekend and ended up with some great fabric.

i’m obsessed with the HBO series Game of Thrones [it's my quilty pleasure] and when i spied the Elizabethtown by Jo Morton for Andover Fabrics, the colors and prints inspired me to create a ‘Game of Thrones’ quilt. 

i’m almost finished piecing my lone star quilt, but i’m taking a break to get started on my GOT quilt!

stay tuned!

All Natural Bug Spray

it’s that time of year again… the sun is shining, it’s light longer, we’re grilling, chilling, and enjoying the great outdoors..but those pesky mosquitoes are out in force, searching for their next meal!

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Organic Hummingbird Food Recipe

kreationsbyjulz.comi love hummingbirds! ..they’re beautiful, fun to watch, and even friendly once they get to know you..

..and best of all they don’t leave a huge birdseed mess all over the ground, attracting, slugs, rodents and weeds.

in nature, hummingbirds eat flower nectar for energy and bugs for protein, flower nectar is 21% to 23% sucrose.

making your own organic hummingbird nectar will cost you pennies using just one ingredient from your pantry.

the feeder.

first, you’ll want to choose a feeder. the most important feature when selecting a feeder is, make sure it’s easily taken apart for cleaning, it’s extremely important to keep your feeder clean.

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Natural Pest Control in the Garden

just say no to poison.

chemical pesticides are not only cheap but easily accessible, but do you really want to be spraying your edible garden plants with toxic poison..? doesn’t sound appetizing to me.. nor is it healthy for your children, pets, environment, beneficial insects or you!

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Eggs in the Garden

the incredible, edible egg.

not only are eggs good to eat, they’re great for the garden too!

the next time you hard boil eggs, save the water, let it cool and pour it on your garden. the water becomes enriched with calcium when the eggs are cooked… plus, why pour water down the sink when you can reuse it!

..and once you shell the egg, rinse the shells and save them for use in the garden, i toss mine into a jar. why? because egg shells have beneficial nutrients and uses in your garden.

five uses for eggs in the garden.

  1. deter slugs, snails and cutworms by adding a perimeter of crushed egg shells around your plants. the sharp egg shells scrape their slimy bodies and they’ll likely turn around and head in the other direction. a great organic pest control for those slow crawlers that reek havoc on our garden veggies late at night.
  2. when planting your tomatoes, peppers and eggplant, drop eggs shells into the planting hole before adding your plant, some even toss in a whole egg, yolk and all. these crops are susceptible to blossom end rot, which is caused by calcium deficiency, there’s no harm in making sure your plants have a steady source of calcium.
  3. use crushed egg shells in your vermicomposting and/or compost bin, it’ll add calcium to your finished compost.
  4. use crushed egg shells in your seed starting pots.
  5. if you’re feeding birds in your yard, add a small dish of crushed egg shells near the feeder, females need the extra calcium, especially when they’re egg laying or recently laid.

Urban Gardening

i haven’t had much time for quilting this past week or so, because i’ve been busy getting my raised garden boxes prepped, planted, and fed.

i started gardening last year in a very limited space along side our house, i started with 1 raised garden box, then 2, 3 and ended with 4 because that’s literally all i could fit. as you can see in the photo above, we even went vertical with our herb boxes, making use of all the space we could.

last year i learned what vegetables worked well and what did not. i quickly discovered that the zucchini and squash outgrew their space, so this season my daughter is fostering my zucchini and squash in her large garden.

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Easter Bunny Gift Bags

these cute little bunny bags filled with goodies were given to each of my daycare children this past friday after our Easter party. they were personalized by age, the older toddlers received color books and crayons, while the one year old received a story book, everyone received bubbles, and a handmade puppet [tutorial by The Purl Bee].

to create the bunny gift bag i used the same sewing technique as my 5 minute reusable shopping bag, using white canvas, premium felt, black embroidery thread. i made my own double fold bias tape with an orange print from my fabric stash to finish off the top and create the handle.

the finished size of these gift bags were 10 1/4″ x 10 1/4″.

Nature’s Basket by Blackbird Designs Moda Fabrics

…and onward to my next project!

i made a quick visit to one of my favorite quilt shops this past weekend, the Quilted Angel… and by quick, i mean my husband was waiting in the car while i decided what i wanted to purchase, which in turn means i have a limited amount of time before i get a text saying ‘times up’…lol

i went there with no plan, i just wanted something to grab me and say… buy me, buy me…except for the fact that most fabrics say, buy me.. i settled on a Nature’s Basket by Blackbird Designs jelly roll and coordinating yardage. for the next step, i’ve narrowed it down to flying dutchman or log cabin….stay tuned..

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Equilateral Triangle Quilt

last night [april 4] i began my first attempt at creating a quilt using equilateral triangles, with my Juliana Horner fabric stash. the cutting was easy peasy with the Fons & Porter 60° pyramid ruler.. but the piecing part, is a bit slower for me, i think it’s just the fact that i’m so worried about my points matching up.. that perfectionist part of me rearing its ugly head…

i must relax and just have fun!….. in fact fabric shopping is on my to-do list today, i need to hunt down my kona bone fabric to finish my homeschool quilt and plan to visit one of my favorite local quilt shops.

update. finished quilt, april 12th

my equilateral quilt is complete and i love it!

i wanted minimal quilting, so this quilt would wash up soft and cuddly. i simply stitched straight lines creating a diamond pattern. i love the look of the diamonds on the back of the quilt.

i used 2 1/2″ x 4″ strip sets to create the border and the strips along the back of the quilt.

i finished my quilt off with my favorite double binding technique, you can find a complete tutorial here, those mitered corners  come out perfect every time!

  • finished quilt measures: 44″ x 49″
  • fabric prints: Juliana Horner
  • sashing, back and binding: kona solid ivory
  • thread: aurifil #2310
  • batting: warm and natural

Simple Quilt Binding & Finishing Tutorial

after experimenting with a couple different ways to machine bind a quilt, i’ve discovered a simple, easy technique that has consistent results each and every time, no missed stitching on the back and perfectly mitered corners, front and back!

keep reading to see how..

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