20140313-Photo Feb 14, 5 21 58 PMmy name is julie, and i live in beautiful northern california.

i started this blog for a couple reasons, one was to journal my new found addiction to quilting, renewed love of sewing, and living life, the other was to share that journey with family and friends.

i’ve been crafting and sewing as long as i can remember, in fact all the way back to my Barbie days, i mean who hasn’t fashioned an amazing new dress for Barbie and Skipper..

i love to create, i love to share, so here i am creating and sharing. my friends and family always seemed to be amazed at the creative ideas that whirl through my head and i’m always amazed that they’re actually amazed.. haha

A little about my home life..

i’m married to an amazing man, my soul mate, my best friend, the love of my life. we have a blended family, with five children and one grandchild. we’re empty nesters… [woo hoo].. don’t get me wrong, i adore my kids, but there’s something to be said for a clean house, laundry for two and food in the fridge!

we have two of the cutest chihuahua’s ever, Cocopuff and Chloe, who are three years apart but born on the same day, pretty amazing, it was meant to be..

by day, i’m a daycare mommy, at nap time, i’m a crafter and blogger. beyond sewing, quilting and crafting, i love photography, camping, [and by camping i mean camping in our 32' travel trailer equipped with an amazing bathroom], hiking, biking, gardening, my apple products and springtime!

i’m beyond grateful for my life, my faith, my family, my friends.. + my iPhone..

My tools of the trade..

for over 30 years i sewed on Kenmore sewing machines and just recently purchased a Baby Lock Melody, which i love and adore.. Melody and i plan to be BFF’s for a long time. i’m still hanging onto to my White serger, but Melody might need a Baby Lock friend soon.

i love aurifil and gutermann thread, klassé sharp needles, my omnigrid rulers, and my olfa rotary cutter!

Where else can you find me..