5 Minute Reusable Shopping Bag


todays tutorial..a 5 minute reusable bag/tote using canvas napkins! amazing right..

i stopped using plastic bags a couple years ago, and our area is slowly but surely doing away with plastic shopping bags all together, so customers will have to bring their own bags, purchase a reusable bag or carry all their items out in their arms.

so, why not make your own cute bag with fabric you like and no big ugly store logo printed across the front!

see how…


the other day while i was at TJMaxx i spied these cute 20″x20″ canvas napkins for $6.99, i loved the colorful bold print and knew i could do something fun with them.



  • 2- 20″x20″ heavy woven fabric, [canvas is ideal] napkins
  • 2-yards rope trim
  • 4-extra large eyelets



  • with right sides together, and needle in the left position, sew a straight seam down each side. i stitched across the bottom last because often pre-sewn napkins are not perfectly square, and you want the top of your tote seams to match.


  • press your already pre-finished seams open.


  • with your bag inside out, lay your bag as shown above.


  • measure about 2 1/2″ from the bottom and mark your seam.


  • draw a line across and pin in place. use a reinforced stitch [#9 utility stitch on the baby lock melody], and stitch along your line.


  • next, use your ruler and cut the corner off. you can use pinking shears, a pinking rotary blade, or you can use a overlock stitch [#6 on the baby lock melody] on your machine to keep the edges from fraying. repeat steps for the other side.


this is what the bottom will look like when you’ve turned your bag right sides out.

  • to install the eyelets, simply follow the instructions on the back of the eyelet packaging.
  • i used 1 yard of rope for each shoulder strap, and simply fed the rope through the eyelet and tied a knot.

tada! that’s it you’re done!



  • finished size: 19 1/2″ x 19 1/2″

next step….go shopping and fill your bag!

3 thoughts on “5 Minute Reusable Shopping Bag

  1. Are the final dimensions sans the boxed corners? It seems like some of the length/width (19-1/2″) would become part of the bag’s depth after the corners are boxed. But perhaps I’m not adding things up right…. {grin} Either way it’s a great size and I love the tip of using canvas napkins!!

    • Hi Valerie! Yes, I measured when the bag was complete, the corners do not take away from the final measurements, it seems strange, in fact the first time I did these type of corners, i had to look at the picture for 5 minutes…wondering..huh..? lol

      Thanks for visiting and commenting! Have a wonderful day!

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