Eight Little Squares [work in progress]

this is one of those quilts i started before finishing the previous project… but oh what fun it was to make! i had to start on a quilt for my brother in laws wedding this past valentines day, so i have yet to finish it. i haven’t decided on a back yet or exactly how i’ll quilt it, but i really like the colors and for the most part all my blocks matched up! hurray!

eights1 eights2

My First ‘Finished’ Quilt

i say “finished” quilt because as i’ve found out from reading other quilters blog, i’m not the only one who starts another quilt before the last one is complete.. it must be a quilters illness or have some sort of catchy name.. because i’m already shopping for fabrics for 1,2,3 more quilts before i even have the front of my current ‘quilt in progress’.. i shall call it “QIP”.. i bet that’s not original, but for now i’ll go with it!

for my maiden voyage i chose 4 coordinating fabrics along with white and went with half square triangles.. and although, i know where all my “oopppss” are, i really love this quilt… maybe it’s because it’s my first!

it’s perfectly imperfect, just like me!

what did i learn from this first quilt..?? well, i learned that starch and my Rowenta iron are my new best friends!Photo Jan 24, 10 36 51 AM

i learned that a 1/4″ piecing foot with guide is a must have!

i learned what a walking foot actually is and why i love it so!

i also learned i’m not a big fan of binding.. booo for binding… in fact, it’s my least favorite part of the whole process [i bet i'm not alone]..

binding and i need to come some sort of an agreement.. what that agreement is, is yet to be determined! it may just end up a love, hate relationship.. i love the finished quilt, i hate the process of binding…

time will tell..

The Beginning of a New Adventure

i’ve been sewing since i was 12 years old, [that was a longgg time ago, just take my word for it]. my mom bought a brand new sewing machine and she attempted to sew.. [unsuccessfully].. she’s amazing at crocheting, and we all have warm cozy afghans to prove it!

so i took over the sewing machine, taking classes all throughout junior high and high school. over the years my sewing took a back seat to marriage, raising children, children’s sports, etc, etc.. and beyond the annual halloween costume and a garment here and there, i didn’t have time nor the drive to sew much.

fast forward to a month ago, i decided to dust off my sewing machine and sew a few craft projects. then on a whim I decided to try quilting. i’ve never quilted beyond sewing squares together for a pastors appreciation gift 20 years ago.

this time i was on a mission to make myself a cozy quilt for me to cuddle on the couch with. to say ‘the rest is history’ sounds so cliche, but honestly, the rest is history… i’m hooked… i love the process… the pieces… the cutting… the planning… watching it all come together to make a unique one of a kind project!

…and now my brand new Etsy Shop and website! ahhh… my quilting journey has begun and i’m addicted!